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Brandon Aki creates custom tailored dating programs designed to help you discover your dating style, your dating type and how to attract the quality men you need in your life.

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"...he offers something can’t..."    –Marie Claire Magazine

Anyone who has ever lost sleep over unrequited love or wondered how to pick up the pieces of a disastrous dating life and start over had better read Brandon Aki’s irresistibly refreshing new book immediately. Within its pages, an adept explicator of our society and its inter-relational woes sets his sights on helping women overcome the multitude of problems that avail themselves within the current dating arena. Through his concise, hard-hitting dissertation, Aki parallels principles of his aviation career as he delivers the foundation for dating that all women can use to date the men they truly want and deserve in their lives.

Whether it’s dissecting the critical areas of a new dater’s personal life or debunking ideology that has led women astray in their search for love and romance, He Said is full of wisdom and enlightened perspective that is certain to keep you engaged. When this book examines the fundamental rules that are necessary to break free from destructive patterns and into the realm of successful daters, it shows its true colors. This work contains not only extremely helpful and pragmatic advice, its more profound subtext helps readers improve themselves in the process. 

"When you are truly ready to date, you will know exactly who you are and what you want. When you do, everyone will know it. But it has to start with you."

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