Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What's the difference between relationship strategy and a dating service?

    Answer: The one-on-one coaching. At BrandonAki Consulting® we carefully qualify every client. Unlike dating services that enroll as many people as possible and leave it up to their customer to make it work, we do not accept everyone that contacts us. We work closely with our clients to make sure they meet singles that meet their criteria.


    Question: Why do I need a relationship strategist? 

    Answer: Your time is important to you. Your time is too precious to waste it dating people who are undeserving of it. The people we typically consult have intense careers, family and community obligations and can't afford to get involved in a high risk or dead-end relationship. We help you save time and energy by helping you find, attract and keep the man you need in your life. 


    Question: How much does the service cost? 

    Answer: It depends on you. We get personally acquainted with our clients and work hard to enrich their lives by coaching them to meet someone special. The overall fee for our services will depend on varying factors that are unique to each individual and how quickly they progress through their personalized program. Specific price ranges will be discussed during the initial telephone conversation, so click here to learn more and get started.


    Question: Is relationship strategy right for me? 

    Answer: Let us help you decide. If you think you may be in the market for a personal consultant, or could just use some support, direction and guidance in your love life complete our application form. If we believe there is a good fit for you in our organization we will invite you to participate with whichever level of service is right for you.


    Question: How do I sign up?

    Answer: Complete our application formWe review all the information you provide. If you don't receive a reply within a few days, it is likely because we do not think our service is a proper fit for you. If a meeting (in person or video chat) is scheduled we will explain all of our services and help you decide how best we can assist you. When meeting in person (usually less than 1.5 hours) we meet in comfortable social settings as we've found it's easier for prospective clients to open up and communicate casually. If we feel your expectations and outlook are reasonable we will gladly extend our services to you.


    Question: How is the service carried out? 

    Answer: Custom-tailored approach. When consulting services are purchased we will commit to deliver within the parameters of the specific services you want. We provide far more insight and information than any other service by communicating directly with you. Feedback is critical to our success. By relying on your perspective we are able to understand you more and have greater likelihood of success. Our services are conducted within a time frame that ensures you get the most from our services.


    Question: If I'm not interested in marriage am I still eligible for your service?

    Answer: This is Relationship Strategy.  Relationship Strategy  isn't just about dating, it's dating with a view of marriage. We only accept people who are looking for a quality and committed relationship. You must want to find someone special you can commit to, however you define it. When you are ready, let us know!


    Question: In what geographic areas do you provide service? 

    Answer: Anywhere you are. Thanks to technology and aviation, we have expanded our services all across North America. Depending on availability, scheduling parameters and the agreed upon services, We are able to help you wherever you are!

    If you would like to become a client of BrandonAki Consulting® get started now by filling out our application form.